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Born and settled in Madrid since 1982, this electronic enthusiast began his career in the cabins at the early age of 16, getting his first residences in the Spanish capital just two years later.

With a particularly characteristic sound, halfway between the freshest Deep House and the most forceful Techno, his sets wasted a great deal of energy and good vibrations, which served to continue his journey visiting the most charismatic halls and clubs in the center of the peninsula, passing through halls such as Fabrik, Groove, La Riviera.
He has participated in parties such as Vertigo, Circo Loco, Reverse.

Member of the collective Knocked Music, he decides to create together with his companions the brand Xpression Parties, from which comes out one of the most multitudinous parties of the north zone of the capital «Summer Xpression» managing to make several consecutive editions with much success.
They create the channel Knocked Streaming making sessions via Internet and which will visit known djs of the national panorama.

At the present time it is beginning to be formed in the world of the musical production.

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